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Part 4: Cult
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Tales Of Acid Ice Cream
- Awaken -
(LP, 1996)

Party In Lyceum's Toilets
- Awaken -
(double LP, 2001)

Farewell To The Pulsar
- Awaken -
(demo LP, 2001)
Tales Of Acid Ice Cream

Party In Lyceum's Toilets

ToAIC, as it is known, is one of the few albums that gained a cult status before actually becoming cult. Blame it on journalists who couldn't really know what to do with it, and thought they could get rid of it by labelling it cult.

As you know, albums that become cult have the same fate as collectible old wine: you pay a high price to get the bottle but there's no way you should ever drink it. The taste is gone and it would lose its value in a minute.

Therefore, Tales Of Acid Ice Cream is something you buy as an investment, and keep it preciously. And you should never want to even think of listening to it. The taste would turn into a shitty embarrassement, at best.

There are three ways of thinking: optimistic, pessimistic and realistic. Example:

Optimistic:  a rock band can be a democracy.

Pessimistic: a rock band can't be a democracy.

Realistic: a rock band can't be a democracy.

A lesson in intense realism? If you expect a band to be a democracy, quit the music business. Or go solo.

Can I give you one good reason to get your hands and ears on this EP? It actually destroyed Awaken as the band it tried to be.

Band lads hated it (except maybe yours truly) and approached this demo without any slice of enthusiasm.

Yet external people praised the 7 songs, which infuriated some more internal players and little by little it was time for heavy restructuration.

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