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Part 2 : Fluffy
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/ Bareta!
Gilles Snowcat
(single, 2017,
it's Oh!MUSIC)

/ Mokomoko Collection
Gilles Snowcat
(LP, 2012, it's Oh!MUSIC)

/ Yanagigaura
Gilles Snowcat
(maxi single, 2010)


モコモコ・コレクション (Moko-Moko Collection)

Do you know? Pop-art never dies. It still flashes in the deepest layers of the underground world.

Listening to Bareta is like eating those candies that explode in your mouth, spreading fruity tastes that feel like colours.

Meet the lovey-dovey couple looking for a hotel room when normal people are still watching the late show. It's so elegantly fruity. Like a forbidden fruit. Enjoy.

Life can be pretty lazy in South ViÍtnam, all for the better.
Feel the heat, the sweat... You hear the drops falling one by one from your your coffee filter, and amongst that chill there's that frenziness of the city, those perfumes and sounds and faces.

Mokomoko Collection build itself up drop by drop and features all the perfumes, sounds, laziness and frenziness you can expect from music that's been infused in Asia.

That girl didn't want to go to Yanagigaura, yet she knew that her elder sister was soothing to the song every day after coming back from work.

And their mum was doing Pilates with the B-side Chase Around ‘ita Eki on her mp3 player. It kept her in shape for the day.

When a girl tells you that she doesn't care about your music but that her mom and elder sis do, you don't complain. Life's still good. And chances are she will end up listening to it too, secretely. Guilty pleasures are hard to resist...

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