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Part 6

The Beppu days, a view through the galaxy

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As a Beppu Nights freak, you want to discover the galaxy around the legendary EP.

As A Start: C Ph & Pizza
- Awaken -
(single, 2006)

This Mouth...
- Gilles Snowcat -
(EP, 2008)

 o Di Mu Hồng
- Gilles Snowcat -
(single, 2007)
Tales Of Acid Ice Cream

This Mouth

Ao dzai
If your colour is yellow, find your own pink reflection. And mix it upon that windy hill.

Hedonism, green lemons and all sorts of funny beverages.

Whether you try it or not, you'll be blamed just the same. So, just try it. Done.
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So, how do you want it?
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So, how do you want it?
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So, how do you want it?
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