Gilles Snowcat

You really never heard anything from Gilles before?! Oh...
So, you wish you could start with something without checking his whole discography?
These three records will get you started in Gilles' love songs after dark world.

Part 1:
Guilty pleasures (for groovy lovers).
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You've Been Unboxing Gilles Snowcat
Cocktail recipe: voodoo dance, orange, liquor, pepper, vanilla
When unboxing rhymes with grooving,
it goes with loving.
When unboxing goes with kissing,
it rhymes with dancing.
When unboxing rhymes with skanking,
it goes with funking.
Driving the highway or sipping two more cocktails, it's all about an hedonistic groove.
And it's only once you've been unboxing.

So, how do you want to Unbox Gilles Snowcat?

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(album, 2020, We See Limes Records)

生タイ ム!❤ / Nama Time!
Cocktail recipe: bedroom love, after dark, satin, vanilla
Nama Time!
Have you noticed? Your bedroom just turned into a lounge bar.
You lay comfortably, have a cocktail or two, cuddle your pillow, your lover, you feel the piano tenderly warming your sheets, and there you are.
These are the love songs after dark as they are. They make no excuse. Neither should you.
Nama Time is simply Gilles and a bunch of musicians invading Bonk Studio and performing a concert there, unplugged, raw in your face. And to ensure you're as happy as they are, they offer you a brand new studio track too, Continental Breakfast.
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So, how do you want your Nama Time?

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(live album, 2015, it's Oh!MUSIC)

Mardi Gras Station
Cocktail recipe: Mardi Gras groove, spells, gumbo, spice
Mardi Gras
What could you expect from someone born on an actual Mardi Gras day, if not love spells and voodoo charms?

When you feel life lacks magic, show up to Mardi Gras Station and discover a lesser known side of voodoo dolls.

If you dare, this goes without saying.
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So, how do you want your Mardi Gras?

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(maxi single, 2017)
Now that you're more familiar with his love songs after dark,