Give your ego some pleasure time
[日 本語] [Tiếng Việt]

Love songs after dark

Music doesn't matter. Lifestyle does.


[ gossip: who's Gilles Snowcat? ]
Know who's singing so softly in your ears. A brief history and some mystery revealed.
[ ♫  MUSIC: get hit by Gilles' love songs after dark ♬ ]  
Give your ego some pleasure time and offer your ears what they deserve.

[ essential discography ]
2006 - now. The 14 records you must hear before you die...

[ live performances ]
The Cat invades the stage. Who knows what will happen?
[ guested & spotted ]
The Cat appears on other records. Dirty work, naughty naughty...
[ demos & boots ]
For fans only. True fans. Are you one?
This is for you.
[ a - z of the Snowcat ]
Let's get technical here.
What song belongs to what record, who wrote it, when...?
[ past discography ]
1988 - 2005
Including some records you
must hear after you died...
[ read Gilles' blog ] [ join Gilles' private club ]
Some sides of the Cat you'd never have thought of. Excuse me, are you a member ?
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      In Gilles Snowcat's shopping mall, each floor has its specialities.
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