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 1. Gilles Snowcat / Awaken musicians and related artists
it's Oh! MUSIC
Japanese indies label that has balls to spread Snowcat's stuff all over Japan.
Ai Nagao ( 長尾愛 )
Multi-talented artist from Beppu-city, who added a lot of Mokomoko on the mighty Collection
Marie de Condé
Some sing they've got a black magic woman. They never met Marie de Condé. Or maybe they have.
Herman Martin (including Bonk Studio)
Do you know many sound technicians who are able to mix Gilles Snowcat's voice in a live noisy smokey venue? He can. 
Jazz House FX
Ian Rigillo, Axel Dumont and Myles Simpson, the power-trio corrupted by Snowcat's high-powers.

The French band whose musicians are often stolen by Gilles Snowcat for his own shit and Awaken records.
Trust No One
Prolific composer, intuitive arranger and fine guitarist who could handle Sousbock and Awaken all on his own if he wanted.
Another French band whose musicians are often stolen by Gilles Snowcat for his own shit.

Irène Csordas
Charismatic singer, occasional duetist and observer of (Snow)cats doing their things on a roof.

Guitarist Cedric Hamelryck did a few things after leaving Awaken in 2001 and before joining Snowcat's solo project in 2011.
Cinnamon Lilly
Partners in musical ping-pong with Snowcat: come play with my band, I'll play with yours. And I'll steal that riff of yours.

Fabien Remblier
From 4-strings to 3-D, sign here man and you'll sing in the lyceum's darkest rooms.

Hervé Gilles
Every day is like the first day. Composer, having a family name that sounds rather familiar.
Peter Clasen
He took his magnifier and microscope and turned some scrappy artworks into Awaken album covers.

Kate Lucid
As long as there will be songwriters like Kate Lucid, there will be beauty in music.

Pat Lennon & Flo Majarex Project
A multi-form and multi-shape project in which sometimes the ebonies and ivories are hit by some Gilles Snowcat.
Sing it, Brussels! Studio
Vocal lessons from Basia Galczynska, vocal Instructor of Mix Technique, member of IVTOM, Musical Theatre actress, Participant in International Seminaries of Mix Singing, teacher trainings and scholarships.
Glen Llewelyn Smith
You thought that the time of well-crafted songs was gone forever? Then came Glen Llewellyn Smith, making pop great again.

 2. Related projects

 Gilles Snowcat in Allee Willis' (RIP) Museum Of Kitsch
 Introducing some lovely toilets ways cuter than the ones in the lyceum.

 Three dysfunctional musicians and a special guest on battle of ego's. Including yours truly.

 3. Beppu ( 別府 )

 Beppu City Official
 While some Englishman chose a wall-divided city, the Old Cat opted for an exile on side streets.

 Beppu Nights ( 別府NIGHTS )
 Including the musical trip (under the shape of a EP), a disco mix for your Saturday nights and their unavoidable fever and tons of links.

 4. Animals

Animals Asia ALFLe Refuge du ChêneHelp Animals
Cat Rescue (Woluwé)Animal LiberationGAIAPETA

 5. Cool cars & related


 6. Fine beverage

 7. Media

 SynthBeat (Electronic Music Artist Profiles, Techno Music History, and more)
 Electronic and alternative machines, music and musics. Features articles about a certain Gilles Snowcat.

 Derek Sivers
 Wisdom is what allows rock stars to be crazy. Some never understand it. Derek Sivers did, luckily. Great thoughts and discussions from the  founder  of CD Baby.

 Yours truly being interviewed and it seems Dire Straits were not far away. Prestige.

 Comme Sur Des Roulettes
 Radio show from Brussels, whose DJ's have such good tastes in music that they invited yours truly several time to perform on air.

 Ponpokopon ( ぽんぽこぽん )
 The ever cute Tanuki doesn't meow, he'd rather ponpokopon. Believe it or not. He also kindly allowed Japan-enthusiasts to use his delightful  scream to name their site dedicated to Japanese culture, manga, anime, restaurants and a lot more. They have a page about yours truly's "Nama  Time!" too.

 Thoughts Of SheryL
 Music lover from Philippines living in Japan, Sheryl wrote beautiful words about "Nama Time!". Life's good.

 Disco Delivery
 Interesting and challenging reviews about the most misunderstood style of music.

 6. Instruments & other electronics

Ti-99 computer
The sound of some disco mixes by yours truly comes from this very (lovely) machine. Also heavily featured on Continental Breakfast.

 Strings or 'Tron?
 Trained ears are not needed when all the answers to that tricky question are here.

 7. Great souls and their work

 Simon Napier-Bell
 Manager extraordinaire, inspiration source, hedonist and superb raconteur.

 Yuki Hao Massage Therapy
 Chinese & other massages by Yuki Hao.

 8. More links:
 Here. (in waiting to import them in the new site)

Cute bowl and more