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Gilles Snowcat
Music doesn't matter. Lifestyle does.
Nekokawa Hypnosis ]
Gilles' self-hypnosis music
Nekokawa Massage ]
Gilles' massage music
The Rock Star Paradox ]
Gilles' rock star book.
Hypno Massage Rock Star Paradox
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Hey! You're new to Gilles Snowcat's music? Why not starting with these top 3 recommendations?

バ レた!(Bareta!)
Gilles' latest power-up energy single, a boost of vitamins and (slightly) dangerous massages...

Mardi Gras Station
Take a trip into love spells, gris-gris and naughty voodoo dolls coming straight from Gilles' Mardi Gras origins. You've been warned!

生タイム!♡ (Nama Time! )
Gilles' velvet live album, a saloon collection of love songs after dark to turn your bedroom into a concert hall.

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Thinking of donate some money to keep Gilles' music alive? Thank you. But...
Although I can't deny that some extra cash is always welcome, there are better ways to contribute to GS's music thing.
- First, if you have money to donate, give it to an animal shelter that you know and needs help. Believe me, they all need it.
Our animal friends will benefit your gift better than I ever will.
- As for the music, simply help it being alive. Play it on Spotify, include it to your playlist and share it, buy it, advertise it, use it, enjoy it.
Music is a circuit where it needs to circulate, and you have the power to do so.

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