Gilles Snowcat
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I’m a newbie. How can I discover Gilles’ music in that jungle of records?
By listening to them.

Is it ever possible to have everything Gilles did?
No. Get a life.

I never heard anything of Gilles. Give me one good reason to listen to him!
You never heard anything of Gilles?! Now that's a good reason, then.

Gilles’ music is my guilty pleasure. I love it to death but would rather die than admit it to my friends!
You have the words death and die in the same sentence. Ever thought of seeing a specialist?

What’s the fuss with Gilles Snowcat? He’s just a drunk singing sleepy cabaret songs!
That's enough to make a fuss, if not a buzz, pal.

What’s Gilles' style of music?
No idea.

I'm lost! Is there a site map here?

Gilles’ voice reminds me of Tom Waits.

Thanks, but that’s not a question. It’s a nice compliment however.

Gilles sings like Lou Reed!
Thanks, but that’s not a question. It’s also a nice compliment however.

I hate Gilles' singing!

But obviously you listen to him anyway. And that’s not a question.

I want to send Gilles a birthday present, but I don’t know when is his birthday!
You don’t know his address either, so consider the task a little difficult.

What instruments does Gilles play?
Learn how to read the artwork's line notes and you wouldn't have to ask silly questions.

What Gilles' record label?
Some records are released under the high powers of it's Oh! MUSIC, a Japanese label based in Miyazaki prefecture.
Others proudly bear the We See Limes brand.